Greentruth is a mission based café, created to transform the health of the community through conscious nutrition by offering plant-based food and drinks that taste amazing. All of our foods are made in house with love using whole food ingredients and local pesticide free produce at an affordable price. Greentruth is the first 100% organic/pesticide free cafe in the Lehigh Valley, PA. We strive to make organic eating tastier than any café around, while making food and drink you can trust accessible. We support our local economy by buying from local farmers and purveyors as much as possible, and educate and inspire our customers to do the same.
Sarah Sunshine Hinsch is a restaurateur, entrepreneur and wellness warrior, certified as a health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition NYC. Sarah has been a leader of Easton’s real food revolution for seven years. As owner of Greentruth Plant-based Kitchen, specializing in 100% organic, plant-based foods, she believes we can heal ourselves through what we eat.
Sarah Sunshine