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The nutrients in every Greentruth product help boost the immune system, support metabolism and promote cell growth. Antioxidants in fresh foods remove cancer-causing free radicals.

"Crab" cake sandwich is on the menu!!! Seriously you just have to try this magical transformation of plants! Sandwiched between our housemade vegan brioche bun and topped with old bay lemon garlic aioli...yum! Thank you @primordiafarm for growing and harvesting these cute little guys for us;)! Loving this world more and more everyday as we explore new ways to create a healthier, happier more sustainable and beautiful place to live!

Vegan BBQ Sandwiches have arrived!! You won't even miss the meat with these earthy tender lions mane mushrooms...mimics pulled chicken ridiculously..like c'mon man...yeah for real!;)

We combine those cuties with our 24 ingredient housemade organic bbq sauce and a side of coleslaw and if you're not afraid of getting a little messy, we recommend putting some on top of your sammy too for the perfect combination of earthy, tangy, spicy and sweet! Isn't this world amazing!?

I bet your bottom dollar your body will thank you for the healing properties these babies have, that may not be immediate, but over an extended period of time eating high vibrational foods from the earth you won't need the psychedelics to experience the beauty and awesomeness of…

These are our housemade vegan brioche in the works for two new vegan sandwiches highlighting @primordiafarm lions mane mushrooms! We use our green "magic" to transform these adorable beauties into two classic all American sandwiches while keeping them whole food plant based and vegan! The healing benefits of lions mane may just make this little mushroom capable of healing the world!

Have you tried our vegan gluten free muffins?! It's time you did!;) The only tough decision is whether you try our banana Taza chocolate chunk or blueberry banana muffin first?!;)

Have you tried our superfood balls? The best on the go snack for in between meals, a quick light breakfast or healthy sweet treat after a meal! Which ones your favorite? Classic Cacao, Cookie "dough" or Cashew Goji Vanilla?

Buddha thinks Celery juice is good for the soul! Celery juice also... contains impressive amounts of vitamin C and K, as well as folate and potassium, and studies show that celery may help to fight against cancer and liver disease, reduce inflammation and boost cardiovascular health! Order yours online today!

The most flavorful avocado toast around! Your choice: our classic made on Apple Ridge Farm seeded sourdough or our housemade gluten free waffle, topped with microgreens from Hope Cress Farm!

Did you know we make every one of the components of our burrito in house from scratch! Guacamole, cashew cream, sunflower seed taco "meat" and black bean salsa....Farmfresh, local, organic, clean, whole food plant based, vegan, made from scratch with love.