Why Organic Plant Based?

We Are What We Eat.Truth Is That Eating What Comes Naturally From The Earth With As Little Processing As Possible Isn't Extreme, It's Necessary For Our Healthy Survival And What Our Ancestors Did Since The Beginning Of Time. It's Only Since The Beginning Of The Industrial Revolution After World War 2 (Less Than 100 Years Ago!) That We Started F*Ing Our Food System Up And Making Canned And Quick Ready To Eat Meals Accessible And The "Norm" Depleting Many Essentials Vitamins And Nutrients From Our Daily Diets. This Led To Chronic Illness And The Majority Of Society Being Toxic And Deficient Because We Fill Up On Dead/Low Vibrational Foods Full Of Macro Nutrients (Calories/Fat Grams/Carbs) But Devoid Of The Essential Micronutrients (Vitamins/Minerals...Think Colors Of The Rainbow). And There Began The Devastation And Creation Of The Slippery Slope Leading Us To The Toxic Scientific Food Based World We Live In Now.

Cleanest water

The Berkey water filter removes lead, cyanide, fluoride and so much more! The technology that Berkey uses to purify water is able to handle the very smallest of water contaminants, even viruses, making it one of the most powerful water filtering systems available and we pass this clean water along to you in our housemade milks, lemonades, coffee and teas!

Why Only 100% Organics, Not The Dirty Dozen

Organic Means Farming Without The Use Of Pesticides And Herbicides In The Soil Or On The Plants That Foods Are Sourced From. We Won’t Put Chemicals In Our Bodies And We Certainly Won’t Put It In The Food And Drinks We Make For You.Because We Believe In The Interconnectedness Of Everything, And We Are Not Separate From Nature, We Only Support Farming Practices That Do Not Put Poison In The Soil That Grows The Foods That We Eat.

“In Regenerative Agriculture, We’re Looking At Systems. We’re Looking At The Soil As A System And We’re Looking At Entire Ecosystems And How We Can Use Biology Instead Of Chemistry To Ultimately Grow Healthy Food.”

“Everyone Has The Power To Change The Future Of Humanity Simply By What You Put On Your Plate. I Would Encourage All Of Us To Vote With Our Dollar Every Moment Of Every Day For A Regenerative Future For All.”

“Health Soil= Healthy Food= Healthy People”

Jeff Tkach, Rodale Institute

Healing Properties

This Is My Everything. My Mission. I Feel So Fortunate To Know My Life’s Purpose. This Healing Haven Is About What I Can Share With The World. What Juicing Did For Me. I Opened Up Greentruth To Share With Those Who Wanted To Hear About The Magical Healing Properties Of Eating And Drinking Organic Whole Foods. In The Seven Years That Our Café Has Been In Existence, It Is Now More Than About What We Eat And Drink. It Is About Our Environment, What We Choose To Focus On, What We Tell Ourselves And With Whom We Surround Ourselves. At Greentruth, We Really Are About Wholesome Healing.

Gluten Free

Nearly All Items At Greentruth Are Gluten-Free, Except Our Seeded Sourdough Bread Or Whole Wheat Wraps. Gluten-Free Refers To The Elimination Of The Protein Gluten From One’s Diet. Gluten Is Found In Wheat, Rye, Barley, Spelt Andkamut.

Leaky Gut Syndrome:



We Are So Very Grateful To Our Friend Gary From Lehigh Valley Compost For Dropping Off Clean Buckets And Picking Up Our Full Buckets Of Fresh Organic Compost For Them To Take To @Northamptoncommcollege Farm To Turn Into Gorgeous Fertilizer That Feeds Our Soil With Planet Saving Minerals Nutrients And Enzymes! Did You Know The Soil Is Mother Earth’s Microbiome? We Talk About Our Gut Health But Do We Consider What We Are Putting Into Hers?


We Pay A Premium For Take-Away Containers.

We Encourage Upcycling By Using Glass Containers That Can Be Returned, Sanitized And Reused.

Regenerative Farming

We Support Farmers Who Are Practicing Regenerative Agriculture, Which Is A Conservation And Rehabilitation Approach To Food And Farming Systems, That Strengthens The Health And Vitality Of Us All.